Password Reset
Password reset is now working. Please check.
Feb-3-2019 03:05:27 PM
important Update

We are no longer allowing requests for transfer of account balance funds from to, effective immediately. Everyone should now go through the normal procedure of earning and withdrawing using the imposed limits (currently) on

Be informed as well that processing times for and are not the same. We may process multiple times in a day in a higher frequency that that of , and that would be considered normal. As written from the beginning on home page, we are only able to process withdrawals on a per capacity to pay basis.

Users are requested to avoid asking us questions that have already been answered, requesting conversion of funds when it has already been stopped a long time ago.

We have a high volume of requests for support on a daily basis, we are having a difficult time managing these requests because of the redundant queries about matters that should have already been answered in the past.

Request for auditing of accounts in advance is not allowed, please allow the normal audit procedure to commence fully and then we will announce whether we have completed the process or not yet, once we have completed it and you feel like your audit is incorrect or your account needs an audit, please bring it to our attention.

Please spread the word.
Feb-1-2019 06:50:11 PM
Litecoin Accepted
Please be informed that we have started to accept Litecoin, since the start of our new website. You can now invest with Litecoin.
Dec-29-2018 12:44:16 PM
Payeer accepted.
We now accept all 8 payment methods. Please check and make your deposits now.
Dec-22-2018 01:41:18 AM
Welcome to the new platform of Kirkland & Felt.
Dec-21-2018 07:37:36 PM
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